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5 Star Salt Caves is a contemporary health spa & wellness center built around a man-made salt cave made entirely from Himalayan rock salt.

Salt Therapy has been popular in Europe for decades and is just starting to gain popularity in the US. Its health benefits are well documented and there have been recent news stories about it in the US media.

While the Salt Cave is the center-piece of the spa, we offer a number of additional treatments, including a full-spectrum infrared sauna, ionic foot detoxification, and Brennan Healing Science (an advanced form of energy healing.) All these services are provided as part of our philosophy of promoting health through awareness and self-responsibility.

We are open to the public starting on Wednesday, August 19, 2015. In the meantime you can get information about us and the cutting-edge treatments we will provide here, at our website as well as our Facebook Page, and we will update you on the progress of our business whenever new information becomes available.

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